Michael Cera debuted a brand new look at the Tribeca Film Festival.

On Saturday, June 8, the "Barbie" star attended the premiere of his new movie, "Sacramento," with a beach blonde hairstyle that's vastly different from his signature brown locks.

On the red carpet, he dressed up his new 'do with a pair of red-tinted sunglasses, a cream-colored sweater and a pair of blue pants.

On Instagram, fans were divided over Cera's appearance.

"I fw blonde michael cera…," one person wrote.

"I dont like this," another said.

"Your beauty is destroyed," a third said.

"Gorgeousness!’👋," a fourth added.

In "Sacramento," Cera plays Glenn, a soon-to-be father who goes on a life-changing road trip from Los Angeles to Sacramento with his longtime best friend Rickey (Michael Angarano).

In an interview with Variety, Cera said it took a long time to get the movie off the ground, so when he and Angarano were making the film, they were going through some similar problems that their characters faced.

“It’s a movie about these two guys on the precipice of fatherhood who are entering this new chapter,” he said. “And when this movie first started coming together that was a few years off for both of us. But it took so long to get started that by the time we were shooting, Mike and I had just entered into fatherhood. So it was very real and immediate to us.”

Cera is a proud father of one to a baby boy he shares with his wife, Nadine. As for Angarano, the "Almost Famous" star became a dad in 2021 when he welcomed his son, Leon Frederick, to the world.

In April, Angarano and his wife, Maya Erskine, whom he reportedly met on the set of "Sacramento," announced they were expecting another child, a baby girl, together.

“This movie has this weird cosmic energy around it, where it’s life imitating art or art imitating life,” Angarano told Variety. “Small little miracles happened around this film.”

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