41 of Monica Bellucci’s Most Iconic Red Carpet Style Moments

So chic! So glam!

‘National Anthem' Director Luke Gilford Calls Mainstream Rodeo Shows a ‘Drag Performance': ‘There's Rhinestones and Hairspray and Nail Polish and Tight Denim'

Luke Gilford knows about rodeos — his father was a rider in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. So it's no surprise that the gay celebrity and fashion photographer turned his camera on the queer rodeo circuit for his 2020 debut photography book, "National Anthem: America's Queer Rodeo." It's that work that inspired the Colorado native's […]

The Oldest Reality TV Shows That Started It All

A brief glimpse at how “keeping up with the Joneses” became Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Emily In Paris’ Ashley Park: I grew used to being the only Asian person on set

Emily In Paris’ Ashley Park: I grew used to being the only Asian person on set - Park said she has worked hard to not be seen as just ‘that Asian girl from Emily In Paris’.

Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan reprising roles in upcoming ‘Karate Kid’ film

Ralph Macchio says working with Jackie Chan on the upcoming "Karate Kid" was "a great time." Both Macchio and Chan will be reprising their roles in the film set for release in 2025. (July 17)

Buffy's Riskiest Episode Modernized a Controversial Trope

Buffy's most iconic episode is also its most radical. They committed to a full-length musical episode that brought the trope to new popularity.

25 Astonishing Celebrity Transformations Throughout Their Careers

Here is a look at 25 celebrities and how they have aged over the course of their careers.

How much of a film buff are you? Answer these 100 trivia questions to find out!

So you think you're a cinephile? Or are you just really talented at trivia? It's time to find out. Stacker offers a quiz on the 100 best films in movie history.

50 classic slang words only people born before 2000 will get

From the 1950s to the 1990s, there have been dozens of slang terms that have come and gone. Each generation has coined a phrase that resonates with that period of time; however, have you ever stopped to think what those phrases and words mean? Stacker has researched 50 old-timey slang words and discovered what they mean.

Sean Ono Lennon on Celebrating John Lennon's Underrated ‘Mind Games' With New Mixes and Deluxe Editions: ‘I Wanted to Represent It in a Way That Gave It a Second Chance'

When Sean Ono Lennon - born to John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1975 - was being exposed to his father’s solo canon as a young person, he was hearing it all at once, not sequentially. So he was hearing 1973’s “Mind Games” as one fine album among many, with no need to learn that […]

3 underrated shows on Netflix you need to watch in July 2024

Here are three underrated shows on Netflix you need to watch in July, including a brilliant spinoff to a beloved crime drama and a slick CIA thriller.The Latest Tech News, Delivered to Your Inbox

40 Photos of the 'Lord of the Rings' Cast, Then and Now

Do you age more after leaving Middle-Earth? Let's find out.

Donald Glover On Why He's Dropping Childish Gambino Stage Name: "It's Not Fulfilling"

Donald Glover is about to release his last album as Childish Gambino and is explaining why he is no longer going to be using that stage name. Ahead of the release of Bando Stone & the New World, Glover is opening up about why he is retiring Childish Gambino. “It really was just like, ‘Oh, […]

Unseen Classics: 20 Movies That Never Hit the Screen

Movie cancellations at the last minute are common occurrences in the film industry due to financial challenges and various other setbacks, leaving creators and fans disappointed with what could have been. Here, check out 20 of these.

Bob Newhart dead at 94: How the comedy icon changed TV history, ‘I just thought it was about time’

Bob Newhart managed a quietly groundbreaking career, from his deadpan comedic style to creating two legendary sitcoms that left a lasting impact on TV.

20 facts you might not know about 'Tombstone'

It’s the re-watchable, always-on-cable Western from that time. Looking for 20 facts about Tombstone? We’re your huckleberry.

The 32 Most Iconic Supermodels of the '80s

Including all the 'Sports Illustrated' icons.

Grateful Dead, Francis Ford Coppola, Bonnie Raitt to Receive 2024 Kennedy Center Honors

Arturo Sandoval and Harlem venue the Apollo Theater will also be celebrated at December 8 ceremony

Comedian David Cross on His New Tour, Dealing With Criticism and If 'Arrested Development' Should Come Back

We spoke with actor-comedian David Cross as he prepares to hit the road for his new tour, "David Cross: The End of the Beginning of the End."

New “Voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers” announced

He replaces Bill Hillgrove, who retired following the 2023 season after 30 years on the job.

Nikki Glaser on Feeling ‘Deeply Unlovable,' Her Addiction to Approval and Burning Desire to Host ‘SNL'

It may have only been nine minutes in a two-decade comedy career, but it was one that had all eyes on Nikki Glaser in a very good, pivotal way. Her set roasting Tom Brady in May was hailed by just about everybody watching both at home and in the audience, an experience she said is […]

10 celebrities who you may not realize are in the cannabis business

Stacker researched and created this list of 10 celebrities who have found success within the growing cannabis industry thus far.

Wade and Logan Meet in First Deadpool & Wolverine Clip

Marvel drops a new Deadpool & Wolverine clip of Wade Wilson's Deadpool attempting to recruit a reluctant Logan.

Mad Cool review: Avril Lavigne and Dua Lipa dominate nostalgic (and not overcrowded) festival

Mad Cool review: Avril Lavigne and Dua Lipa dominate nostalgic (and not overcrowded) festival - 4/5 The Kooks, The Killers and Bring Me the Horizon also serve as winning throwbacks at four-day event dubbed ‘the Coachella of Spain’

Netflix is ending basic $11.99 plan with no ads: Here's which subscription plans remain

Netflix is canceling its $11.99 monthly basic subscription for streaming without ads. Subscribers will need to opt for another option.

18 Celebrities Who Played Themselves In Cartoons

Advertisement 18 “Weird” Al Yankovic Sources: Elixphelion/YouTube, IMDb, BRRGames/YouTube 17 Jay-Z Source: TheSMCKids/YouTube 16 Mike Tyson Source: Adult Swim/YouTube 15 Sgt. Slau

Jenna Ortega’s ‘Beetlejuice Beetlejuice’ role becomes a little clearer in new trailer

Ortega's decision to join the cast helped the project move forward. The post Jenna Ortega’s ‘Beetlejuice Beetlejuice’ role becomes a little clearer in new trailer appeared first on The Manual.

How Disney’s new ‘Descendants’ film pays tribute to late actor Cameron Boyce

"Descendants: The Rise of Red" marks the first live-action film in Disney's next generation villains franchise in five years — and the first installment without Cameron Boyce.

The Best Steve McQueen Movies

Fall in Love

26 Delicious and Best Places to Eat in Disney World

Authentic Neapolitan pizza, a buttery steak over tomato risotto, and the best Cobb salad you’ll ever have are just three entrees you can experience at Walt Disney World. While your image of theme park food may include buffets loaded with bland food, Walt Disney World is home to many delicious restaurants that are attractions in …

Jon Batiste Shows Off His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

Five-time Grammy-winner Jon Batiste takes us through his New York home gym and fridge, showing us the diet and fitness routine he uses to stay in shape.

My Most Anticipated DCU Show Can Make Up For A Major DC Box Office Bomb

I am very excited about the arrival of the new DC Universe, and the TV series I want to see the most can fix the issues of a major DC box office bomb.

10 Celebrities Who Got Their Start on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’

“Once a Mouseketeer, always a Mouseketeer.”

The Sailor Moon Musicals Need Anime Adaptations

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie will bring the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon story to an end, but there are ways to continue the franchise.

Lena Dunham Explained The 'Hard Choice' Not To Star In Her Upcoming Netflix Show Because Of Body-Shaming

“I knew from the very beginning I would not be the star of it…I was not willing to have another experience like what I’d experienced around 'Girls' at this point in my life.”

20 TV shows that returned from the dead

Once upon a time, when a TV show left the air, that usually remained the case. Nowadays, it feels like no show truly dies. Shows return from the dead repeatedly. Let’s celebrate some television resurrections!

The 25 Funniest Actors (Who Aren't Actually Comedians)

But you'd never know it.

Top 20 SNL Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person

These "SNL" impressions are even funnier when they're done in front of the actual person.

Despicable Me 4 review: Minions magic strikes again

Six movies in, you’d think the Despicable Me franchise would have run out of steam, but Gru and The Minions are making the most of their moment. Minions: The Rise of Gru received an unexpected box office boost thanks to the Gentleminions trend on TikTok, which saw teens dress in suits and film themselves celebrating [...]

'That '70s Show' Cast: Through The Years

The That '70s Show cast had fans entertained on FOX from 1998 until 2006. But where are "Eric", "Donna" and "Jackie" today?! Find out right here!The Cast Of 'That '70s Show': Then And Now

The Humphrey Bogart Classic With A Near Perfect Score On Rotten Tomatoes

Humphrey Bogart starred in many a Hollywood classic. His most famous movie, however, has a nearly perfect Rotten Tomatoes score.

25 TV Theme Songs Performed by Famous Musicians

Do you remember swaying to these memorable hits?

Gladys Knight: the Empress of Soul bids farewell with a powerhouse performance

For those who feel that Glastonbury loses a little of its earthy soul the more upmarket it becomes, Henley Festival is probably not the right event for you. The five-night concert series in the Oxfordshire regatta town is the UK’s only black tie festival.  According to its website, “You can never be over-dressed at Henley”. Fancy listening to Glady...

George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Robert Downey Jr. and All the Stars Heading to Broadway

Some of the world’s biggest celebrities are taking center stage for the 2024-2025 Broadway season

Triumphant Returns: 11 Artists Who Staged Remarkable Comebacks

Many artists have experienced widespread success in the industry; others have fallen, and some have been on both sides. The comeback of these music stars has not only impacted their own careers but has also left a lasting mark on the evolution of popular music. Here, check out the top 10 comebacks.

Hello, Dolly! review: Imelda Staunton will be talked about for years to come

Right here is a landmark theatrical production - do not miss it

New Taylor Swift Book Promises to Be a Swiftie ‘Superfan's Guide' (And It's Already a No. 1 New Release)

The unofficial book provides "Swiftology" and fun illustrations for fans of all levels -- and for just $20.

20 facts you might not know about 'Avengers: Endgame'

This is what everything was building toward, and when the dust settled (not Thanos finger-snapping dust, for the record), Endgame delivered on the bombast…and the box office. Here are 20 facts about Endgame that are just the beginning.

Stranger Things criticised after Millie Bobby Brown makes point about her age

With the final season of Stranger Things on the horizon, there is massive anticipation for the conclusion of the hit Netflix show. The latest season (four) released in 2022 is the second-most-viewed series on the streaming giant with over 140,700,000 views. Plus, there is an award-winning stage production based on the show and plans for different s...

Behind the Scenes with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders