Netflix is ending basic $11.99 plan with no ads: Here's which subscription plans remain

Netflix is canceling its $11.99 monthly basic subscription for streaming without ads. Subscribers will need to opt for another option.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Gets New Anime Release Date & Summer Beach Artwork

The upcoming The Quintessential Quintuplets* anime, adapting the story's "Honeymoon Arc," gets a release date and exciting visual of the five sisters.

Willy Wonka experience musical to feature original Veruca Salt

A musical comedy about the disastrous Willy Wonka experience in Glasgow will feature two child stars of the original 1970s film. Julie Dawn Cole and Paris Themmen played Veruca Salt and Mike Teavee in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which starred Gene Wilder as the eccentric factory owner. They will serve as narrators for Willy’s Candy Spect...

20 teen idols you probably forgot about

Teen idols come and go. You probably forgot about these 20.

Selena Gomez Finally Earns Emmy Nomination for Acting Following Cannes Best Actress Win

Is this the year of Selena Gomez? After a historic best actress win at the Cannes Film Festival for her turn in Jacques Audiard’s "Emilia Pérez,” which she shared with her castmates Zoe Saldaña, Karla Sofía Gascón and Adriana Paz, the influential superstar of Hulu’s murder-mystery romp “Only Murders in the Building” just landed her […]

Charlize Theron Says ‘Old Guard 2' Post-Production Got ‘Shut Down' By Netflix, but the Sequel Will Come Out ‘Soon': ‘I Really Love This Movie'

Charlize Theron insists "The Old Guard 2" will be released "soon." The Oscar winner explains that the action sequel, which wrapped shooting about two years ago, has faced a lengthy delay due in part to a change in Netflix leadership. "Netflix went through quite a changeover," Theron told me at her Charlize Theron Africa Outreach […]

Sebastian Stan Gets a New Life While His Old One Plays Out on Stage in ‘A Different Man' Trailer

The A24 psychological comedy follows Edward (Stan) as he undergoes facial reconstructive treatment only to have his past haunt him through a play led by Oswald (Adam Pearson)

The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Instantly Cure Your Boredom

From the latest releases to celebrated classics.

Browns Rival Steelers Announce New Play-By-Play Broadcaster

JULY 18 - STEELERS ANNOUNCE NEW PLAY-BY-PLAY BROADCASTER - On Thursday, the Pittsburgh Steelers finally announced the replacement for the retired Bill Hargrove - the team's longtime play-by-play announcer. On WDVE, the radio home of Steelers games, Rob King was named as Hargrove's replacement. "We are very excited to announce Rob King will be the n...

The Eagles' Sphere Residency: Here's Where You Can Get Tickets for the Las Vegas Shows

The legendary rock band's initial run of Vegas concerts aren't easy to find, but these sites still have stubs on sale

Donald Glover On Why He's Dropping Childish Gambino Stage Name: "It's Not Fulfilling"

Donald Glover is about to release his last album as Childish Gambino and is explaining why he is no longer going to be using that stage name. Ahead of the release of Bando Stone & the New World, Glover is opening up about why he is retiring Childish Gambino. “It really was just like, ‘Oh, […]

25 Movies That Ended Acting Careers

Some well-known titles represent examples where certain movies had notable negative effects on the careers of actors, directors, or other individuals involved in their production. Here, check out 25 of them.

Emily In Paris’ Ashley Park: I grew used to being the only Asian person on set

Emily In Paris’ Ashley Park: I grew used to being the only Asian person on set - Park said she has worked hard to not be seen as just ‘that Asian girl from Emily In Paris’.

Why you shouldn't throw out those DVDs and Blu-Rays

Don't count on streaming.

2024 Salzburg Festival: Between heaven and hell

From July 19, thousands of people will attend the famous Salzburg Festival, which has a focus on Russian dissidents this year. The festival management presented the program back in December 2023: 10 opera productions and just as many theater productions, flanked by numerous concerts, exhibitions and discussion events. Those concert performances kick off on...

This 50-year-old Billy Joel B-side is now one of his most streamed songs — thanks to young Millennials and Gen Z

“Vienna” joins songs like “Uptown Girl” and “Piano Man” as one of Billy Joel’s most streamed tracks. Young women in particular seem to be behind its slow-burn resurgence.

'Wrapped up like a deuce' and more commonly misheard lyrics you may be getting wrong

From "hold me closer Tony Danza" to "There's a wino down the road," Stacker clears up some of the biggest mondegreens in music.

Trio: How Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt Became the Ultimate Supergroup

Learn why they worked so well together - and why Dolly sometimes got annoyed with Linda!

Lou Dobbs, conservative pundit and longtime cable TV host for Fox Business and CNN, dies at 78

NEW YORK (AP) — Lou Dobbs, the conservative political pundit and veteran cable TV host who was a founding anchor for CNN and later was a nightly presence on Fox Business Network for more than a decade, has died. He was 78. His death was announced Thursday in a post on his official X account, which called him a “fighter till the very end – fighting for what mattered to him the most, God, his family and the country.” No cause of death was given....

Why Liv Morgan Vs Rhea Ripley Should Main Event WWE SummerSlam 2024

There is no hotter angle going on in WWE right now than the Raw rivalry between the Women's World Champion and Mami.

The Best Steve McQueen Movies

Fall in Love

From Disco to Dollars: Discover 14 1970s Treasures Worth a Bundle Today

Whether cleaning out the attic or basement or enjoying flea market and thrift store shopping, you may come across some 1970s collectibles that could be worth a bundle today.

Most Valuable Music Catalogs Sold by Famous Musicians

Nearly every famous musician you know is selling their catalog. Here are the most lucrative sales in recent years.

Faded Fame: 20 Celebrities Who Vanished from the Spotlight

Being a successful actor in Hollywood is considered to be the peak of someone’s career. However, sometimes son stars decide to retire early, whether because they feel they have achieved all they wanted, to explore new business opportunities or seek a quiet life outside of the industry. Other times, however, it is because of some circumstances outside their control, such as illness. Here are 20 actors who aren’t working in front of the screen anymore.

David Duchovny denies ‘animosity’ on X-Files but says show had ‘taken up my life’

David Duchovny denies ‘animosity’ on X-Files but says show had ‘taken up my life’ - Duchovny and his co-star Gillian Anderson have previously admitted to there being tensions

20 TV shows that returned from the dead

Once upon a time, when a TV show left the air, that usually remained the case. Nowadays, it feels like no show truly dies. Shows return from the dead repeatedly. Let’s celebrate some television resurrections!

Bob Newhart, the beloved comedian who never forgot his Chicago roots, dies at 94

CHICAGO — Never, in the lively history of show business, has there been anybody like Bob Newhart and it was in Chicago that he burst onto the entertainment landscape. For more than half a century he remained a vital, admired and impossible-to-imitate presence in nightclubs, on albums, in films and, most profoundly, on TV. After a lifetime of making people laugh, Newhart died Thursday at his ...

Paradise Lost: DCU Series Gets Long-Awaited Update From James Gunn

As the premiere of the DC Universe draws close, the Wonder Woman prequel series, Paradise Lost, receives an update from DC Studios head James Gunn.

Lady Deadpool Debuts in New ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Trailer

The latest Deadpool & Wolverine trailer makes it look like the film features a multiverse of madness (minus Doctor Strange). Although the new clip is short, and provides only fleeting glimpses of them, it does pretty much confirm that you are going to get to see some version of the Deadpool Corps in the film. The Deadpool Corps, for those who don’t...

19 Shocking Cruise Ship Secrets And Tips I Learned After Going On Seven Cruises

Booking a cruise is just like buying a car, meaning you can negotiate the price and get bonus perks, so ~never~ pay the price you see online. View Entire Post ›

New “Voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers” announced

He replaces Bill Hillgrove, who retired following the 2023 season after 30 years on the job.

The Oldest Reality TV Shows That Started It All

A brief glimpse at how “keeping up with the Joneses” became Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

10 celebrities who you may not realize are in the cannabis business

Stacker researched and created this list of 10 celebrities who have found success within the growing cannabis industry thus far.

25 Astonishing Celebrity Transformations Throughout Their Careers

Here is a look at 25 celebrities and how they have aged over the course of their careers.

The casts of 20 legendary sitcoms when their show started vs. when it ended

Stacker selected 20 popular sitcoms and examined what their casts looked like at the beginning of the show and the end.

Peacock's ‘Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist' to Close Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival (EXCLUSIVE)

Prepare for a knockout. Peacock’s limited series “Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist” will premiere at the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, closing out its 22nd edition with a star-studded night of programming. The special presentation will include a career-spanning conversation with “Fight Night” producer Will Packer, titled "The Power of Legacy and Influence," […]

The funniest, wildest new additions to The Sims 4: Lovestruck

Love is in the air, baby

Comedy Gold: 45 Side-Splitting Movies to Watch

We have compiled a list of 45 comedies that you should watch at least once in your life! Some are extremely zanny while others are downright hilarious classics.

Buffy's Riskiest Episode Modernized a Controversial Trope

Buffy's most iconic episode is also its most radical. They committed to a full-length musical episode that brought the trope to new popularity.

Generational Talents: 25 Celebrities Who Are Related to Famous People

With the “nepo-baby” conversation still going strong in social media, you might be aware of many celebrities that have famous parents. However, there are many ways to be connected in Hollywood. Check out some celebrities that you (probably) didn’t know are related.

3 underrated shows on Netflix you need to watch in July 2024

Here are three underrated shows on Netflix you need to watch in July, including a brilliant spinoff to a beloved crime drama and a slick CIA thriller.The Latest Tech News, Delivered to Your Inbox

Summer 2024 Anime Lineup

Tower of God, [Oshi no Ko], and Fairy Tail are all part of the Summer 2024 anime season. Here are the lineups for Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Hulu, and more.

Notable actors more known by their faces, not names

You likely recognize their faces, and the movies they've been in. However, the names continue to escape the mind — and that's OK. Here are some actors and actresses that we've seen in countless movies and television shows, but can't think of their names for the life of us.

All 11 Mel Brooks Movies Ranked

Spaceballs, the list!

Ralph Macchio on Ending ‘Cobra Kai,' Teaming With "Legend" Jackie Chan on New ‘Karate Kid' Movie

After six seasons, Cobra Kai is coming to an end, but it’s clear that The Karate Kid franchise is far from over. The Netflix series takes place more than 30 years after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, with the continuation of the longtime conflict between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). […]

The Cast of “Supernatural”: Where Are They Now?

The hit CW show about a band of demon-slaying brothers aired on the network for a staggering 15 seasons. Find out what the cast of 'Supernatural' has been up to

‘Halo' Canceled After Two Seasons at Paramount+

The live-action “Halo” series has been canceled at Paramount+, Variety has learned. The big budget series based on the popular Xbox video game franchise aired two seasons at the streaming service. The show originally debuted in 2022, while the second season aired between February and March 2024. “Paramount+ can confirm that ‘Halo’ will not move […]

RNC Day 4 Photos: Hulk Hogan And Kid Rock Stir Up Audience Before Trump Speech

Hulk Hogan, Kid Rock and Dana White were the celebrity contingent of RNC final day on Thursday.

The Stars Of Longlegs Get Candid About What It Was Really Like Being On Set With Nicolas Cage In Character

"it was so scary that you need a new word..."

From obscurity to stardom: Sam Claflin’s rise as "Hunger Games" heartthrob

Discover how Sam Claflin's breakout role in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" skyrocketed him to Hollywood fame and made him a household name.