19 Horror Movies We Expect to Rattle Us in 2024

It's an exciting year of remakes, reboots, and prequels.

Zombie Mania: 16 Undead Series to Binge Now

One of the most popular genres in film and television is the Zombie genre. While often associated with horror, many series have blended elements of comedy, action, romance and more. So, if you’re looking for a marathon of deadly Zombie series, here are the 16 titles you can’t miss.

25 Movies Stars Wish They Could Forget

To be a Hollywood star is something that isn't achieved overnight. It requires a mixture of charisma, a bit of luck, and a lot of hard work. Likewise, a good selection of films that showcase one's talent. However, even the biggest stars have had their flops. These are some movies that stained the CVs of great stars.

Donald Glover On Why He's Dropping Childish Gambino Stage Name: "It's Not Fulfilling"

Donald Glover is about to release his last album as Childish Gambino and is explaining why he is no longer going to be using that stage name. Ahead of the release of Bando Stone & the New World, Glover is opening up about why he is retiring Childish Gambino. “It really was just like, ‘Oh, […]

Viggo Mortensen Hasn't Acted in a Hollywood Franchise After ‘Lord of the Rings' Because ‘They're Not Usually Well-Written' and ‘Kind of Predictable'

Viggo Mortensen was recently asked in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine why he never made another Hollywood franchise film after starring as Aragorn in Peter Jackson’s iconic “Lord of the Rings” trilogy between 2001 and 2003. The Oscar nominee said he’s got nothing against franchise fare, although he admitted that such films in Hollywood […]

George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Robert Downey Jr. and All the Stars Heading to Broadway

Some of the world’s biggest celebrities are taking center stage for the 2024-2025 Broadway season

Las Vegas man brings robots to life

Matt McMullen has been at it for decades. His most realistic creation yet is a supermodel-esque woman with blonde-brown hair who speaks with a mild Scottish accent.

All 19 EGOT Winners: From Rita Moreno to Whoopi Goldberg

Triple threat celebrities can sing, dance and act, but the quadruple threat of an EGOT winner, or someone who holds at least one Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, is another thing entirely. Some have achieved non-competitive EGOT status through honorary awards such as Barbara Streisand with her special Tony, Liza Minnelli with her Grammy Legend […]

Most Valuable Music Catalogs Sold by Famous Musicians

Nearly every famous musician you know is selling their catalog. Here are the most lucrative sales in recent years.

39 Netflix Original Movies Actually Worth Watching

Say goodbye to endless scrolling.

Netflix adds 8m subscribers in June as Bridgerton becomes most-watched show

Netflix adds 8m subscribers in June as Bridgerton becomes most-watched show - Period romance most-watched show across streaming platforms in June

"STUCK IN MY HEAD" - Fans thrilled as Stray Kids drop Chk Chk Boom MV & album ATE

Stray Kids has taken over social media with the release of their comeback song, Chk Chk Boom, from the album ATE.

The Only Major Actors Still Alive From All In The Family

All in the Family had audiences deep sighing over the good ol' days, but here's what the actors who are still alive are up to these days.

Gladys Knight: the Empress of Soul bids farewell with a powerhouse performance

For those who feel that Glastonbury loses a little of its earthy soul the more upmarket it becomes, Henley Festival is probably not the right event for you. The five-night concert series in the Oxfordshire regatta town is the UK’s only black tie festival.  According to its website, “You can never be over-dressed at Henley”. Fancy listening to Glady...

Dennis Quaid details what it was like to play Ronald Reagan

Actors Dennis Quaid and Dan Lauria discuss their upcoming film ‘Reagan’ and the parallels between today and when former President Reagan was elected on ‘The Bottom Line.’

Every James Bond Theme Song, Ranked

From 'Goldfinger' to 'No Time to Die,' we broke down all the tracks that played alongside 007. No matter how directors or actors put their signature stamp on the franchise, James Bond films have a familiar formula. We can expect the opening scenes of the film to deliver on a few time-honored traditions: the gun-barrel sequence, the pre-title teaser, and perhaps most important of all, the highly stylized title credits, set to an original theme song. Bond themes are the secret sauce of the movies: paired with the bombastic credits, they set the tone for the action to come, and speak to the current era of the franchise. (You'd never hear a smooth Sean Connery-era theme in a Daniel Craig-starring Bond movie, after all.) For any musician, recording a Bond tune guarantees a spot in music history—but history doesn't remember all of the Bond themes fondly. Over the years, we've heard the truly awful (sorry, Madonna), to the deeply dull (Sam Smith), to the true classics, like Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger.” Here are all the James Bond themes, ranked from worst to best.

10 Celebs Who Found Out They Were Related to Other Celebs on Finding Your Roots

Finding your fellow celebs. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the most notable celebrities who discovered on “Finding Your Roots” that their family tree is even more star-studded than they thought.

Common addresses 'ring' bars, talks Jennifer Hudson feature on new album

"Champion lover that could come with a ring," Common raps on his new album, which includes a Jennifer Hudson feature.

Our first look at Taylor Sheridan's brand new Texas-based drama for Paramount+

Taylor Sheridan is one of the most prolific TV creators of the modern era, having perfected a formula built around tough and gritty protagonists, which … The post Our first look at Taylor Sheridan’s brand new Texas-based drama for Paramount+ appeared first on BGR.

Kylie at BST Hyde Park review: More sensual than cheesy, this show is a reminder of her undeniable cool

Kylie at BST Hyde Park review: More sensual than cheesy, this show is a reminder of her undeniable cool - 4/5 The famously very nice Aussie icon is an absolute beast on stage

'Gladiator II' Trailer: Paul Mescal Faces Off Against Pedro Pascal in First Look | THR News Video

The first trailer for 'Gladiator II' is finally here! And it sees Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal go head-to-head in battle. The follow-up to Ridley Scott's 2000 epic 'Gladiator' is set several decades after the events of the first movie in ancient Rome.

25 TV Theme Songs Performed by Famous Musicians

Do you remember swaying to these memorable hits?

The Best Mystery Movies on Netflix Attempt to Uncover the Unknown

Whether you're an armchair sleuth or simply looking for a thrill, Netflix has a movie to scratch that investigative itch. Sometimes, all we want out of our moviegoing experience is a feel-good, low-maintenance boost of serotonin for 90 minutes straight. And there’s no shame in turning to the screen to clear your head. Of course, there are other times when we want to put a little legwork into our watch. After all, there are few things more satisfying than trying to keep a step ahead of a story. And what better genre is there than mystery when it comes to flexing those mental gymnastics? With guaranteed suspense and addictive storylines, mystery movies highlight one of the greatest storytelling techniques in film: leaving something for the imagination. By the end, you’ll either find yourself dumbfounded by the truth, clinging to the edge of a cliff-hanger, or high-fiving yourself for calling it from the start. So why not follow those footsteps to the TV and investigate Netflix’s mystery movies? We’ve already covered you when it comes to the best picks to get you started. Finding the missing link to your perfect movie night is elementary, dear reader. Follow our lead.

32 Child Stars Who Have Aged Like Fine Wine

They made the notoriously bumpy transition to adulthood look easy.

Young Sheldon - Trailer

Exceptional but misunderstood 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper skips four grades to enter high school.

Behind the Scenes with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders


20 popular songs you didn't know were meant for other artists

There can be myriad reasons for why songs end up for another artist. Whatever the reason, typically the artist who actually ends up with the song becomes the better choice anyway. Here is a list of songs that you probably had no idea were actually created with other artists in mind.

Buffy's Riskiest Episode Modernized a Controversial Trope

Buffy's most iconic episode is also its most radical. They committed to a full-length musical episode that brought the trope to new popularity.

'Wrapped up like a deuce' and more commonly misheard lyrics you may be getting wrong

From "hold me closer Tony Danza" to "There's a wino down the road," Stacker clears up some of the biggest mondegreens in music.

“Beetlejuice Beetlejuice ”Full Trailer Teases Callback Dance Scene Between Catherine O'Hara and Jenna Ortega

'Beetlejuice Beetlejuice' is in theaters Sept. 6

Alexandra Daddario’s rise to fame: How 'Percy Jackson' made her a star!

Learn how Alexandra Daddario's role in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" catapulted her into the Hollywood spotlight, launching her successful acting career.

Best Illumination Entertainment Movies

Illumination Entertainment are best known for the Despicable Me series, but they have a ton of iconic modern animated films to their name.

‘It had to go’: Cancellation of Halo TV show after two seasons is celebrated by fans of the game

‘It had to go’: Cancellation of Halo TV show after two seasons is celebrated by fans of the game - ‘It’s almost as if making a show about a game not for the people who like the game will backfire,’ said one critic

How is Scott Stapp preparing for Creed's reunion tour? Sleep, exercise and honey

Scott Stapp has a lot going on between family life and touring with Creed, and he opens up about balancing it all for USA TODAY's The Essentials.

Why Liv Morgan Vs Rhea Ripley Should Main Event WWE SummerSlam 2024

There is no hotter angle going on in WWE right now than the Raw rivalry between the Women's World Champion and Mami.

2024 Salzburg Festival: Between heaven and hell

From July 19, thousands of people will attend the famous Salzburg Festival, which has a focus on Russian dissidents this year. The festival management presented the program back in December 2023: 10 opera productions and just as many theater productions, flanked by numerous concerts, exhibitions and discussion events. Those concert performances kick off on...

Emmys Snubs & Surprises: ‘The Curse' and Kate Winslet Out, ‘Reservation Dogs' and ‘Slow Horses' In

"The Curse" was completely shut out, as was "Expats" and "I'm a Virgo," while "Reservation Dogs" finally got the recognition it's long deserved.

Reba McEntire Is Recording a Theme Song for Her Latest Sitcom

Reba McEntire starred in six seasons of her self-titled WB (later the CW) sitcom, Reba - but, for all of the 127 episodes that aired, it’s probably the opening 29 seconds that still clung on the hardest to popular culture. “I’m a Survivor,” Reba‘s theme and a slightly tweaked version of a track of the same […]

Bob Newhart, comedy icon and master of the deadpan delivery, dies at 94

Bob Newhart, the deadpan accountant-turned-comedian who became one of the most popular TV stars of his time after striking gold with a classic comedy album, has died at 94.

All 11 Mel Brooks Movies Ranked

Spaceballs, the list!

Unseen Classics: 20 Movies That Never Hit the Screen

Movie cancellations at the last minute are common occurrences in the film industry due to financial challenges and various other setbacks, leaving creators and fans disappointed with what could have been. Here, check out 20 of these.

Chanel West Coast on Leaving ‘Ridiculousness' After 30 Seasons to Create Her Own Work: I'm Not ‘Just the Girl That Laughs on a Couch'

For years, Chanel West Coast has wanted her own show. While some know her for her contagious, unique laugh heard in 38 episodes of “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” followed by more than 700(!) episodes of MTV’s “Ridiculousness,” she’s much more than that - and ready to prove it. “A common comment I would see is, ‘You’re […]

Reacher Season 3: Release, Plot, Cast & News

Jack Reacher – admired by men for his rugged independence and adored by women for his charm and, let's be honest, irresistibly good looks. This portrayal of Reacher captures the essence that Tom Cruise's version didn't quite achieve (no fault of his own!). Now, the enigmatic ex-major stands as one of Amazon's most iconic characters. Fortunately, the show is set to return for a third season! As the show is based on Lee Child's book series,...

Netflix is ending basic $11.99 plan with no ads: Here's which subscription plans remain

Netflix is canceling its $11.99 monthly basic subscription for streaming without ads. Subscribers will need to opt for another option.

Sebastian Stan Gets a New Life While His Old One Plays Out on Stage in ‘A Different Man' Trailer

The A24 psychological comedy follows Edward (Stan) as he undergoes facial reconstructive treatment only to have his past haunt him through a play led by Oswald (Adam Pearson)

RNC Day 4 Photos: Hulk Hogan And Kid Rock Stir Up Audience Before Trump Speech

Hulk Hogan, Kid Rock and Dana White were the celebrity contingent of RNC final day on Thursday.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Broadway

Read these before you give your regards to Broadway.

Lou Dobbs, conservative pundit and longtime cable TV host for Fox Business and CNN, dies at 78

NEW YORK (AP) — Lou Dobbs, the conservative political pundit and veteran cable TV host who was a founding anchor for CNN and later was a nightly presence on Fox Business Network for more than a decade, has died. He was 78. His death was announced Thursday in a post on his official X account, which called him a “fighter till the very end – fighting for what mattered to him the most, God, his family and the country.” No cause of death was given....

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

What a thrill.

Natalie Portman's ‘Lady in the Lake' Misfire Is a Puzzle No One Will Care to Solve: TV Review

Based on the novel by Laura Lippman and adapted for television by Alma Har’el, “Lady in the Lake” on Apple TV+ is a story about women’s ambition, and what happens when those aspirations are denied. Set in Baltimore, Maryland in 1966, the series revolves around two women. Maddie Schwartz (Natalie Portman) is a Jewish housewife […]